From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs

Keep Going against All Odds!

Dear Friend,

You are someone with a Vision.  You want to turn your Idea into Reality.  But something happened that is bothering you. You can’t tell whether it is anxiety or excitement.

You don’t know if you made the right move.  You’re not sure if you have the right people on your team.  The pressures are starting to build up. Your energy level is running low.

You wish you could do something to make things right again.

If only there was a RESET button…

Hello there!  My name is April Norris.

I believe that anyone who has a dream should be able to manifest it in the world.

Experience has shown me that there is indeed, a RESET Button.

I learned this the hard way when I came down with an immune system disorder. I was severely stressed trying to get my project to succeed. That affliction literally brought me down to my knees.

I was struggling with perfectionism, procrastination, and self-judgement.  I had spent too much time comparing myself to others.

Not knowing that the stress came from emotional issues that still needed healing, I was constantly getting blind-sided.

My projects would go on rather well until they crashed and burned. Usually a disagreement or misunderstanding with my partners caused a snowball effect.

Being sick taught me a lot.  I decided to once and for all to heal my deep mother issues. I learned that it created low self-worth.  I had to draw on every ounce of training that I had in me in order to find the cure.

What compounded my difficulty was that the experts did not look at the big picture. They were focused on their narrow expertise. Each one only gave me one piece of the puzzle. This made it hard to find the right solution.

My twenty years of Hypnotherapy, my degree in Psychology and my NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) education all combined to help me find the answer.

And after two years of trying, I figured it out!

I forgave everything that happened in my childhood.  My mother and I now have a sweet and caring relationship.
All my judgmental friends left my life.  It was disconcerting at the time but I now understand WHY it happened.
I recovered my health and my energy. I am now free of medications and physical crutches. I sleep well at night.

You do not have to work as hard.  My experience can guide You.

april-and-dalai-lamaNow, I have a work-play balance.

I can identify when I am off-alignment and know how to restore balance.

I have a wonderful tribe around the world that I connect with. I am free to take spiritual journeys and lunar adventures throughout the year.

I live by my philosophy

You too can do this! You can put yourself on the road to wellness.

suzy-web“When I was seeking for help, looking for a therapist to have a consult.”
I was then, barely functioning with walking pneumonia & bronchitis, my heart had been broken & I had so much anger inside of me that was debilitating every living cell in me.

I did the regression with you, you guided my 7 year old little girl to a place of surrender of the adult world. It was not my responsibility to carry all those stories & painful memories to my adult life! Because of your masterful guidance, I am now an adult with a happy playful, inner child, have conquered the art of letting go.

Since then, I have lived in the mountains in Cherokee land, become a gemstone jewelry designer, Feng shui practitioner, certified yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and Photographer.

mitch-webApril Norris is the real deal.

I first met April at a hypnosis seminar where I was expanding my knowledge as a hypnotist, confidence and attraction coach. At first I was skeptical of her teaching style. However, just minutes after witnessing and experiencing April’s gifts first hand, I became a life long student and client.

As a teacher she makes seemingly complex and mysterious concepts simple and concise. As a hypnotist she takes you straight to the issue, guiding you down a peaceful path to understanding, healing and new beginnings.

April has successfully helped me identify and solidify my dream of becoming a coach, a facilitator and hypnotist. Further, through April’s guidance and motivation, I have successfully identified, created and launched my very own specialty, brand, passion and expertise.

If you wish to discover lasting, positive change then April Norris is for you.

Mitch Austin
Founder and Coach

tab-webApril has been a part of my growth since 2007.  

Upon meeting her and understanding her otherwise curious modalities. We have worked on big triggers, little triggers, obstacles, and even how best to celebrate breakthroughs.

She has demystified my cynicism of hypnotherapy and “healing” in general, from being something of a joke to a platform in creating huge strides towards compassion and awareness. She has a unique approach, and with that, can appreciate your own individual vision.

Having drawbacks and big speed bumps in my otherwise, self-proclaimed “full speed ahead” life, she has been there for coaching in whichever way would assist for the best of all concerned.

Here is the proven approach to get you back to the balance you seek

Step 1:

Focus on the Big Three

  • Anger – If you are disappointed and dealing with unmet expectations or breakdowns in communication, anger needs to be kept in check.  Before you end up saying something that you might regret, speak with someone who can assist you in releasing it.
  • Fear – We will identify and release your most deeply rooted fears like: disappointing others, fear of success or failure, or not being good enough
  • Sadness – If you are feeling uninspired, unmotivated or lonely, you may be sad about something in the past.  Releasing it can make a huge difference in your overall mood.
  • There is a fourth, silent but sinister emotion that combines with either or all three that causes you to not take action.  Identify it so it no longer has power over you.

Step 2:

Confront the Visionary Challenges

  • Impulsiveness – You just really want to do something drastic right now.  Yet you know it’s best to talk it through with someone.  Don’t just get any opinion.  You want an objective and neutral point of view.
  • Lack of Motivation and Focus – you know you need to get it done but heaven help you, you’ve tried everything and nothing inspires you to action.  Having someone listen to you can help you unravel the mystery so you can have a clear path of action.
  • Loneliness – no one understands what you are going through.  Everyone thinks they have the answers.  They can’t understand why you don’t do what they tell you.
  • Obsessive Thoughts – you can’t stop working and you can’t stop thinking about your ideas.  People around you are tired of listening to you talk about your Ideas.  It’s getting in the way of your well-being.  A good coach can assist you in channeling your creative energy.

Step 3:

Your Emotional Navigation System

  • It’s hard to do it by yourself.  When you are caught in a flood of emotions, it’s very important to have a highly-trained coach to assist you.
  • Learn to experience your emotions in a healthy kind of way.  People tell you it’s going to be okay but don’t give you any more than that.  This is where a coach can help you.
  • Find the silver lining in the breakdown.  Some “bridges” need to be burned, and some “bridges” need to be maintained.  Learn which one is which.
  • Dealing with Loss. “When one window closes, another window opens.” Talking to someone who has gone through it before can help.

How Mood Mastery Works:

In your Private Coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to dig deep into the true hidden factors that cause breakdowns in your projects. For each major problem, we find the originating incident and release it. Just like a house of cards, all the issues that were hinging upon that original incident start crumbling down.

This is why the effect is so immediate.

I do this using techniques that are beyond the traditional coaching methods. I believe that Healing is a blend of Art and Science. We are not machinery that can be “fixed” in an assembly line fashion. I use the Art of Communication and the pragmatic use of Scientific Methods to assist you in getting to the bottom of what is bugging, tormenting or even torturing you.

This is what you will learn:

  • How to Release the Big Three: Fear, Anger, Sadness. Time does not heal all wounds. Actively addressing and releasing it, does.
  • Get behind Procrastination and Propel it to Action
  • Mood Mastery Habits
    • Knowing when you are triggered
    • Safe actions
    • Intervening with yourself

“I don’t think I can afford it!

The program is an investment in creating lasting solutions.  The real question to ask is how much will the problem cost by disrupting your peace?  A Problems does not go away on its own. What would happen if you don’t solve this problem?

“I don’t have the time. I’m too busy dealing with the problems.

Ask how much time you will you gain when this problem is solved. Is your time worth investing into it? If you use this time to learn to replace habits with good habits, if you can replace negative thoughts with empowering thoughts… would that help you succeed?  

“I’m not too sure about this holistic stuff.

The problems that stop us from being productive are usually not problems that come from the rational mind.  
It is widely known in transformation circles that releasing old, negative emotions frees you up to the point where your rational mind has room to create imaginative solutions.

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I don’t just run you through a program.  I meet you right where you’re challenged.  
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 We will RESET your internal GPS and get You back on track!
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