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Sensoring Anchoring

Each of us is a unique individual with unique hopes, dreams and aspirations – but it can be difficult to think or act that way and even tougher to realize those dreams.

That’s because many outside forces are designed to program us into thinking and behaving the way they want us to. These include the barrage of marketing ads leading us to buy what we don’t need, news reports fueling us with anger and fear about things we have little power to change, and past limiting ideas and social conditioning instilled in us since birth.

All this programming leaves us thinking and acting in ways that don’t necessarily align with our authentic selves.

If you’re ready to change that, then you’re definitely ready for the Sensory Anchoring Technique.

Sensoring Anchoring

The Sensory Anchoring Technique is a way to change your status from one who is “programmed” to being the ultimate programmer. Instead of falling prey to the programming of outside influence, you can consciously choose the way you think. Our thoughts and feelings affect our behavior and habits, which, in turn, affect our overall quality of life. Changing our thoughts automatically results in changing the ways we feel and behave.Yes, I know. Change can be a big scary concept that many people run from in terror because they think:

  • It’s not fun.
  • It’s way too hard.
  • They might fail or lose something in their attempt to change.

Sensory anchoring changes all that. It makes changing fun and sensual, and deeply connects you to your desires.

It is a powerful way to live and create your reality.

The Sensory Anchoring Technique builds upon a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Technique called Anchoring that interrupts existing unwanted thought patterns to pave the way for new, preferable choices.

The Sensory Anchoring Technique helps you craft a specific state of mind (a state is simply a particular combination of thoughts and emotions) using hypnotic language and then creates a subconscious connection to your vision with a sensory anchor.

In a nutshell, Sensory Anchoring allows us to enter any desired state by using subconscious sensory processing to connect a sensory experience to a “state” and a vision.

Learning Sensory Anchoring can:

  • Increase your level of presence and engagement in your life
  • Anchor you to your dreams instead of remaining tethered to the past
  • Turbo charge your implement new habits
  • Create a magnetic pull that brings your dreams into existence with extreme velocity.

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