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hyp presentations

reval in an atmosphere of connection, wonder and inspiration

Ever notice that some music automatically puts you in a kick-butt mood or certain sounds and rhythms can bring on instant relaxation? That’s the power of sound, and it gets even more potent when it’s carefully crafted into a full-fledged sound healing presentation with which you can soothe, calm or energize the masses at your next event.

Sound healing presentations are one facet of the overall hyp presentation and installation package we offer. These packages are specifically formulated for events to ensure each even that boasts one is an event folks are sure to remember.

Hyp presentations and installations feature:

Sound healing: This ancient art of using sound fuels your nervous system the same way food fuels your body.

Animated visual effects: Jazzy animated effects that dance in sync with the sound make the presentation more powerful.

Subliminal messages: Subtle messages infused through the presentations put mind training through sound into effect, gently guiding your audience to the desired results

Energy work: A means of enhancing and stimulating the body’s natural flow of energy

Precise communication: No fluff, no guff, no confusion – just the targeted relaying of your chosen message crisply, cleanly and clearly

Motivation Installation at the Badass Business Women Anniversary Event


5 Things Sound Healing and Mind Training through Sound Can do for Your Event

  • Places your audience in the ideal state of mind
  • Gets people’s attention without yelling, clapping or annoyingly banging a gavel on a podium
  • Soothes and refreshes your mind, body and soul
  • Gives attendees something to remember, talk about and recall in times of stress (i.e. daily)
  • Offers up something much more useful than the free fridge logo-magnet typically handed out at events

After all, who needs a yet another chintzy magnet when your audience can instead float merrily on home fueled by the deep, rich and mighty effects of an event infused with sound healing?